Although most policies have similar language and coverage, there are unique variations in these policies.

  • Homeowner’s Policies: These policies can vary from dwelling policies, rental polices andvariations in homeowner’s policies. These variations can either open the door for coverage that you may be unaware of or limit coverage based the type of loss or the type of policy.
  • Condominium Policies: These policies are very similar in nature to that of the homeowner’s policy, but often are subordinate the Homeowner’s Association Policy.
  • Homeowner’s Association Policies: These policies are limited in coverage as compared to the condominium and homeowner’s policies and often have large deductibles.
  • Commercial policies: These policies can vary significantly based upon how the policy was constructed with the insurance agent and the insurance company. They include apartment buildings, warehouses and commercial buildings.
  • Business owner’s policies: Similar to commercial policies with variations of coverage which can be in a standard form or in some cases unique to that business.