“Asset Recovery was nothing short of amazing. We had an undiscovered leak during our escrow, which was originally denied by the insurance company and through their efforts, and knowledge of the policy, ARA moved the carrier to pay the entire claim and with no stone unturned – Thank You”
M. Varzendah

“Our commercial building was damaged extensively with a violent storm. Asset Recovery Association’s masterful negotiations returned a net recovery over 3 times the insurance company’s original payment…”
F. DeRosa

“Asset Recovery Association was able to go from $3,000.00 on our insurance claim to over $33,000.00. We greatly appreciate their efforts…”
M. Keegan

“We own 30 houses which all got hit by the same storm. The insurance company paid us nearly nothing on all 30 houses combined. ARA came in an negotiated a final settlement near $800,000.00…”
N. Panayotou

“We had a vandalism issue with our rental house prior to placing it on the market, where all the copper was ripped out of the house. Through the skill of Asset Recovery Association, our final settlement was over 4 times what the insurance carrier originally paid. With the funds our kitchen was completely redone and our new listing price was substantially higher…”
N. Hanna